Muslim Go, Android app support your worship

Muslim Go is claimed as the first Islamic application with the font of the Indonesian standard Quran certified by the Ministry of Religious Affairs

Lebaran moment has arrived, and among you must have visited relatives and made a homecoming journey. Along the way you may feel difficulties in determining prayer times, or to determine the direction of Qibla when you want to pray. In this era of information, it should no longer be a barrier for us to miss the activity of worship. 

This time, I will review one of the newest Islamic Nuance apps, namely Muslim Go. This mobile application provides religious services and a complete guide for all Muslims. In addition, Muslim Go is claimed as the first Islamic application with the font of Mushaf Al-Quran Indonesia Standard which is certified by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Available for free for Android and iOS devices.

The most used devices today are smartphones or tablets that have a platform with the Android and iOS operating system bases. Thus, almost all Muslims can download for free Muslim Go application.

Incidentally the smartphone that I use has an operating system Android. So I downloaded the Islamic application through the Google Play Store. In the Google-owned App Store, Muslim Go has a file size that is not too large, only 8.8 MB. In addition, the app has also been downloaded 1 million times in the Google Play Store. The average rating it gets is quite high with 4.6 stars.

Once completed, Muslim Go will ask for permission to request access to our location for the correct time accuracy of prayer and qibla direction. Keep in mind that location access will be used when only you open the app, so it's safer and keeps your battery from running out quickly.

After asking for location access permission, Muslim Go will ask if you want this app to remind every time we enter prayers. By default, the application will notify you when entering the time of Fajr, Maghrib, and Isya prayers. Furthermore, Muslim Go will ask if you want to log in to this app. There are two options for signing in. The first option through a Facebook account, and the second through a Google account.

Keep in mind that the free version of Muslim Go doesn't restrict the features and functionality of the entire app, only showing ads. If you want to eliminate the display of ads, simply upgrade to Premium with the price of Rp 79,000.

Comprehensive features

There are two language options offered by Muslim Go: Bahasa Indonesia and English. By default, the English language has been selected from scratch. When I choose Bahasa Indonesia, the words in the menu are still in English, but the contents of the menu are available in Bahasa Indonesia.

The view of Muslim Go's main page presents the qibla direction and prayer times which are both at the top. The direction of the Kibat is very useful if you are homecoming and want to perform prayers on the go. Because the location is based on your smartphone, the qibla direction pointer is quite accurate.

There is also a ' Verse of the Day ' which presents one of the verses from the Quran. In addition, there is also a ' News of the Day ' that displays news or tips in accordance with the teachings of Islam. I feel this feature is very beneficial for those of you who want to deepen the teachings of Islam.

Features on the Muslim Go app are at the very bottom of the main page. The total number of features provided is 12. Including Prayer Time, Qiblat, Qur'an, Prayer, Doa, 99 Names, Tasbih, Shahadah, Hijri Calendar, Zakat, Islamic Content, and Greeting cards.

For Prayer Time and Qiblat features, I think it has been represented at the top of the main menu. So in my opinion, users do not need to frequently open these two features because it has been clearly displayed.

As the name suggests, the Al-Quran feature presents the complete verses that are in the Qur'an. In addition to displaying Arabic letters, this feature also features alphabetical letters to make it easier to recite the holy verses of the Quran. Yes, of course there is also the meaning of each. At the bottom of the screen, you can also listen to the correct lafadz by listening to each verse you want by pressing the Play button at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, this application does not allow users to search letters in the Quran specifically, aka by typing the letter you want to read. As a substitute, you can search for the name of the letter sequentially by touching the name of the letter on top of the screen.

The Prayer feature presents a full reading of prayer intentions, including the intention of solar eclipse prayer. The number of prayers expressed in this application amounted to 18 intentions. Like the Quran feature, the intent of prayer readings is displayed in Arabic, Latin writing for Arabic reading, and meaning. Sedation features offer prayers before or after running the activity.

Another very useful function for you that is being homecoming to the hometown is Directory. This function can display mosques and halal restaurants near you. Using this function is to press the tab labeled Directory at the bottom right of the screen, right on the left side of Settings tab. Information about mosques and halal restaurants are informed in the form of maps for your convenience. You can also display them in List view by tapping the Nearby List menu. To make the menu appear, before you have to press the icon in the upper right corner first.


According to his claim, Muslim Go is indeed a multifunctional application that provides a complete guide for all Muslims. The Doan group is also very suitable for daily reading, calendars. Your homecoming journey will also be more organised with a schedule tailored to the position of the smartphone being used.

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