Muslim Children Prayer Application Review

The description of Muslim children's Prayer

Secil Islamic Prayer is a Serial Muslim children prayer Application Series for children who help children in memorizing daily Islamic prayers such as prayers before meals, prayers after meals, prayers for parents, prayer before bedtime, wake-up prayer, traveling prayers, prayer ride A vehicle, a safe prayer, a prayer before a test, prayer was given ease and many others.

In this application can be several prayer groups of Muslim children, Muslim children can learn to memorize daily prayers, Muslim children's prayers are presented in the form of Arab prayers, Latin prayer and also translation so that Muslim children can learn daily prayers with Complete. The application of Praying Muslim children is complete with interesting voices and images that accompanied by prayers of Arabic and Indonesian. 

The learning Mode in this app is equipped with pictures and sounds that will help the child in memorizing Islamic prayers. The concept of learning in this Islamic prayer learning application is designed interactively with interesting games and interesting sounds so that children are not bored while playing. 

★ Do'a Before eating
★ After meal
★ Do'a Before bedtime
★ Wake Up Sleep
★ Prayer Before Learning
★ Pray After learning
★ Pray for Congratulations
★ To be facilitated (exam) 
★ Pray Enter the WC
★ Do'a Exit WC
★ Do'a Exit House
★ Pray in Masjid
★ Do'a Exit Masjid
★ Do'a Ride
★ Prayer When Rain
★ Do'a Mandi
★ Mirrored Do'a
★ Pray When sneezing
★ Do'a Hear the Sneezing
★ Do'a Wearing clothes
★ Do'a Remove Clothes

All come with attractive sounds and images that are easy to understand

★ Play Guess The Prayer readings
★ Play Match Cards

SECIL Series
SECIL abbreviated Si KECIL series is a collection of Indonesian children Learning Application series specially packaged in an interactive and attractive manner that we made especially for children in Indonesia. There are already several series that have been released such as Secil learning number, Secil Learning Quran ', Secil learning Tajwid and many more

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