Muslim application Review, learning Qur'an Reading

The description of Learn Quran reading

The application that teaches reading the Qur'an is accompanied by its pronunciation (audio), and is equipped with the basics of science tajwid.

Features of the app:
* Learn the letters Hijaiyah (Hurub Arab), Makhorijul letters (place of Hijaiyah letters), and Shifatul letters (ordinances pronunciation Hijaiyah letters).
* Learn the types of punctuation (Harokat) in the Qur'an.
* Learn how to stringing or connecting Hijaiyah letters to form words.
* Learn the types of long readings (MAD) and how to read them.
* Learn the Reading laws in Tajwid sciences, such as the laws of Nun Sukun, Mim Sukun, Idghom, Ghunnah, Qolqolah, waqof and Ibtida ', and ghorib readings in the Qur'an.
* Evaluation of readings (Iqro/Iqra) to exercise the ability to read Qur'anic reading.
* Reference Education Reading/Koran Qur'an (Iqro/Iqra) and Tahsin for school children (Islamic religion).
* Learn to read al-Quran, Quran, Quran, Iqro, Iqra, Tajwid, Tahsin, Hijaiyah, Islamic religion.

Learning Qur'an Reading 1.3 update
* Reduce file size and speed up apps.
* Added support to 64-bit Android devices.

Additional Information
-Categories: Free educational APPS
-Latest Version: 1.3 Learning request Reading Qur'an Update
-Publication date: 2019-06-04
-Get in: getting learning to read the Qur'an on Google Play
-Requirements: Android 4.1 +

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