Application FOR Curhat with verses of Quran and Hadith from AhwalNote (REVIEW)

Applications for the means of vent are more directed towards popular social media. But there is an application that allows you to vent with the solution of verses in the Qur'an and Hadith, namely AhwalNote.

This application was created by SMTI07 from Universitas Gunadarma which won the IslamICT Fair 2015 competition which took place in March 2015 in the categories of Apps & Games. Meanwhile, according to AppAnnie, AhwalNote app has been on Google Play Store since February 2015. So far the application of AhwalNote has got around 5,000 downloads.

What is AhwalNote?
AhwalNote is an Islamic application that can assist the user in addressing a state or condition according to the guidance of the Qur'an and hadith.

In Arabic, the word ahwal (أحوال) is the plural form of the word for (حال) which means that the circumstances or conditions associated with the incident or someone. Can't believe it? While Note in English means it is a record, so that AhwalNote can be interpreted with a state record of a person.

How to use Ahwalnote?
Just write your situation in the input box, then AhwalNote will send a reply or related hadith. Good luck

In addition, in this application there are also various categories that are provided to increase the knowledge of everyday users.

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