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10 best Android Islamic app options you should have

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As Muslims, we are obliged to obey the orders given by Allah SWT, such as doing prayers, fasting, and others.

In today's sophisticated technology, there is no more reason for a Muslim not to draw closer to him, much less so as not to carry out what has been commanded by the teachings of Islam.

The reason is that there are various Islamic applications for Android that can help to worship. With this kind of application, users are expected to implement and understand the teachings of Islam well and correctly.

Here's the list of apps...

1. Complete Prayers

Have you done the prayers in the right ordinances? If you have any doubts, you can use the application called Complete prayer Tuntunan. 
This Islamic application contains knowledge of prayer readings, dhikr, as well as various kinds of short prayer groups that are beneficial to complement your worship to the fullest extent. Not only that, you can also see the correct guidance of Wudoo ' in order to be legitimate.
With this application, hopefully you become more understand and understand about the ordinances of prayer that is good and correct according to what is taught by the religion of Islam. 

2. English Quran

As we know, Al Quran is a holy book of Muslims that contains teachings and education related to human deeds in the world. Therefore, we must not forget or leave the Qur'an.
Moreover, nowadays, there is a Bahasa Indonesia Quran application that helps you to read Quran anytime and anywhere. In addition, MartinVillar's Al Quran application is also equipped with advanced features, one of which is "Continue reading" feature.
These features allow you to continue reading that you've read before. So you no longer need time to look for letters or verses that you read at the time.

3. Complete Prayer Collection

As taught by the religion of Islam, we are in the encourage to pray always and avoid the arrogant nature. So mankind must always pray and surrender because basically all human beings have limited sense and ability.
This Islamic application by David Setyo has a good enough for Muslims so that they can undergo a prayer reading, either listed in the Qur'an, Hadist, or daily prayer. In essence, the app will help you find just about any prayer you need through the search feature.

4. Prayer times and Imsakiyah

Prayer times and Imsakiyah are one of the important applications that you must have in order for you to know the prayer schedule in a timely manner. Interestingly, the application also provides a "Qibla compass" feature, which you can then search for Qibla direction while you are on the go and do not know where the direction of Qibla.
When the month of Ramadan arrives, you can rely on this app to accurately determine the Imsak timing. Through the "Notifications" feature, this app will tell you when the prayer times have arrived, namely by telling you the voice of Azan.

5.100% Qibla & Prayer

Not only has the ability to view the prayer times and look for Qibla direction only, the application of Muslim Assistant also presents some important features, such as recitation of the Quran, 99 Asmaul Husna, and many others.
The way this Islamic application works is quite simple, where it will detect your location accurately with the help of the GPS feature. So the direction of qibla and prayer times depends on where you are.

6. Sahih Al Bukhari (Indonesia)

Sahih Al Bukhari is the most authentic important book after the Qur'an. In this application there are traditions of the prophet, Hadith, and Muslim scholars Muhammad al – Bukhari.
By studying this book, users will know the true teachings of Islam related to all aspects of life, such as the guidance of doing prayers and other worship such as what is being guided by the Prophet Muhammad.

7. Letter Yasin Audio and Tahlil

There are many benefits that you will get when you read the letter of Yasin, among them such as relieving the torment of the grave, if read on the night of Friday will get forgiveness, facilitated his hajj, and many other benefits.
This Islamic app itself is presented with an interactive look and clear letters to make it easier for users. Not only Arabic texts, users can also read the Latin text and translations on each letter.
8. Islamic FAQs

Want to understand the teachings of Islam deeper? You can learn a lot from this one app. Yap, the reason Isam Q & A, presents a collection of questions on Islamic law that focuses on the study of Tauhid, Fiqh, Hadith, tafseer, and Islamic consultation.
The results of the questions answered in this application are taken from a clear source, be it a Facebook Islamic group or Forum that discusses the Islamic study titled, "Ustadz replied".
By learning the content contained in this application, hopefully you can learn the Islam deeper, well and right.

9. Muslims News

Islamic News application is made to fulfill the needs of Muslims to know information and news about Islam, whether it is from NU (Nahdlatul Ulama), MUI (Indonesian Ulama Council), Ministry of Religious Affairs, and many others.
To date, more than 40 Islamic referral sites contain information or Islamic news to increase your knowledge. With this application, you will get the news that is worth reading, which is about the Islamic Shariah viewpoint.

10. Prayers and Dhikr after praying

Prayer and Dhikr after prayer is one of the special virtue that has good enough benefits for those who do, one of which is to forgive his sins.

The presence of Islamic applications will help you to do a guidance Sunnah Rasullah in the reading of prayer and Dhikr after performing prayers. Not only comes with Arabic script, you can also read the Latin language and translation if needed.

With the Islamic application on your Android, you can learn, understand, and perform various teachings that should be performed as it is taught by the religion of Islam. Hopefully useful.