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Islamic Quiz Educational App

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A fun way to learn about the Glorious Quran and Islam! Using the multiple choice format, this gives kids the chance to challenge themselves on their knowledge of our beautiful religion but also have fun at the same time!
Islamic World - Quiz Edition is a refined, professional and enjoyable game which makes learning about Islam more enjoyable for our kids.

With over 300 challenging questions (and more being updated regularly). Islamic World - Quiz Edition features 2 different game modes for you to play and enjoy. Every time the quiz is played, the answers are randomised so that the child doesn't memorise the position of the answer, but learn the actual answer itself.


* Speed 10 Secsa

Updated questions and improved user interface design.
Jaza K'Allah for downloading and supporting our app :)
November 26, 2015


10,000 - 50,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

Content Rating
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Apps & Games content ratings on Google Play

Content ratings for apps and games help you understand an app's maturity.
Ratings are the responsibility of the app developers and the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). In South Korea, ratings have been approved by the Game Rating Administration Committee (GRAC).

Where to find content ratings

You can find content ratings for apps and games on the app's detail page under the app title.
To learn more about an app's content rating, touch Read more. This shows more information about the maturity level of the content, and the app's interactive features.

What content ratings tell you about an app or game

Content ratings have a few parts. Click the sections below to learn more.
Content ratings are used to describe the minimum maturity level of content in apps. However, content ratings don't tell you whether an app is designed for users of a specific age.
Ratings are typically based on a number of factors, including sexual content, violence, drugs, gambling, and profane language.
Touch Read more on an app's details page to see a description of why the app got its rating.
In the "Read more" section on the app's details page, you can learn more about the app's interactive features. This includes things like whether an app shares a user's location, or if it allows users to interact with each other.
Note: An app's interactive features are separate from its content rating.
Tip: To learn more ways to find content that's appropriate for your family, including setting up parental controls, read the Parent Guide to Google Play

Unrated apps

Not all apps in the Google Play store have a rating. Unrated apps are treated like high-maturity apps for the purpose of parental controls until they get a rating.
If you set up parental controls to restrict apps and games to a certain rating, you won't see any Unrated apps in the Play Store app.

Rating standards by country or region

Local ratings authorities maintain guidelines which are used to determine the maturity level of the content in an app.
The ratings you see in Google Play vary by country or region. Check your country or region below for more information.

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