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3 Best and free Andorid Islamic apps

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Find the three best and free Andorid Islamic apps, which I've chosen from many apps scattered in the Play Store.

I chose this offline Islamic app by considering who the author is, whether individual or company. So the trust level of the application is higher. I also consider the interface display and the features that the Android app provides.

At least, it has been certified by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, to ensure that the content is trusted.

Smartphones are currently a multifunctional tool, a wide range of work can be done using only smartphones. Especially for Muslim friends, worship is now easier with smartphones.

The most prominent worship is done by a Muslim and the law is obligatory for praying. After that, it is highly recommend reading the Qur'an or listening to the Holy Quran.

1. Complete Prayer Time Reminder application

For praying, it certainly requires prayer time reminder application. When the prayer arrives, the app will remind us of the azan sounds that are paired from an Android smartphone.

A Muslim also needs to schedule prayer times, ranging from the schedule of Fajr prayers, Dhuhr, ASR, Maghrib and Isya.
There is one thing that should not be missed is the schedule of time Imsyak. So, when we will fast is not confused anymore look for the schedule of Imsyak.

When the Herfia companions go out of the area, prayers must be kept everywhere because the law is mandatory. Well, at that time you certainly need an application to determine where the qibla direction.

Everything you need is summarized in one app called Salaam.

It is certified by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, so more reliable content.
I've reviewed this SALAAM application in the previous article in the Adzan app, the best prayer times and qibla direction.

2. Application for reading Quran/Qur'an

The reward of reading the Koran is very large, 1 letter got one goodness and one kindness was in reply by ten fold. Much is not it? Imagine if one verse, imagine if one letter, imagine if every day read the Quran and can end 30 juzz. How much reward do we earn? The answer, many hehehe.

Reading the Quran at home or at Mushola should use the Mushaf Qur'an. However, when outside the home or elsewhere it is now easier to use a smartphone.
For the business of reading Quran on my Smartphone I prefer an Android app called Quran Tajwid Indonesia-Quran Cordoba. Why so?

The reason is the maker of applications more trusted with High Definition display. The contents of the Koran itself must have passed the examination by the authorities that is the Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic of Indonesia.
Quran Cordoba is an Indonesian publisher of the Quran in Indonesia that is already quite popular.
I've reviewed in the previous article the best and most complete Offline Quran app for Android.

3. MP3 application to listen to the Holy Quran scriptures

What if Herfia's companions didn't have a chance to read Quran? Maybe the busyness is quite a lot or maybe his eyes are tired enough. However, Herfia's best friend can still be rewarded with just listening to the scripture reading Al Qur'aan.
Just listening is a reward. There is one Android application that I have used for a long time that is MP3 Quran.

What are the features? Complete or not?

There are more than 100 Quran readers that are already quite popular. Perhaps one of them is already in the familiar to Herfia's best friend.
If the author prefers to choose Ahmad Al Salabi as Qori or the reader of his Quran. The staff was very nice.
Want to try?

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